Collecting Bayonets is a book unlike any other. It is intended to be an overall guide to the collecting of bayonets, not simply an identification tool nor an extensive treatment of a single nationality. Bayonets of all types from all nations are shown and described in detail. The development from plug bayonet to modern assault rifle bayonet is profusely illustrated. All the varied methods of attachment to a firearm are shown in a simple, organized fashion. Additional topics include: Terminology, Bayonet Accessories, Grading Systems, Inventory & Records, Restoration, Repair & Conservation, Current Availability, Collectors Organizations and many others. Photos of bayonets in wear and use as well as interesting bayonet factoids are scattered throughout the book. You will find a wealth of information suitable for both beginning and experienced collectors. In a single volume, you will have full access to everything I know about bayonets, based upon 45 years of collecting.

I have worked diligently to minimize verbiage and maximize photos. You will see bayonets that have never before appeared in any reference; and you will see many bayonets that have been shown, but never in such detail. Most items are from my own collection, but a number were generously provided by other collectors.

When one collector visits another to have a look at a bayonet collection, he generally doesn't want to view the common stuff…he wants to see the rare and exotic items. He wants to see and feel those items that he doesn't have, has never seen, or has only seen in pictures. I have tried to pack Collecting Bayonets with photos of these treasures for your education and entertainment.

Collecting Bayonets is a limited edition of 1,000 copies. It has 540 pages in 8.5 X 11 inch size with more than 900 color photos. The binding is a rugged “side-sewn” style, a process reserved for expensive library editions. Combined with a hard cover, this volume is designed to withstand many years of hard use.