Page 57 : Hirschfanger is more correctly translated “Deer’s Tooth”.
Page 145: Bottom Picture, Caption should read, "US Infantrymen conducting Bayonet Drill with M1917 Remington Rifles and mounted M1917 bayonets.”
Page 214 Dimensions for No.269 should be “OA 407mm, BL 280mm, MR 15.5mm”.
Page 215: Dimensions for No.271 should be “OA 336mm, BL 215mm”.
Page 248 : The Title for item #323 should read “German Trench-Knife Bayonet with Bakelite Grips”.
Page 268 : A more recent translation of the crossguard markings provided by Dennis Ottobre indicates that this bayonet was manufactured in Turkey by a maker named “Tuna Han”, probably in 1913.
Page 361 : Item No.492. Roger Evans reports that the circular makers mark is not an anchor, but rather conjoined fancy letters “JL” for “Jouet Liegeoise” which means Liege Novelty.
Page 364 : Item No.498. Roger Evans reports that all these FN presentation and promotional items were made from stocks of bayonets for the unsuccessful .22cal Mauser Cadet Rifle (School Carbine) produced in the 1920s.
Page 483: Index entry for #258 Belgian M1889 Terssen Sawback should be M1880.
Page 486 Index entry for #323 should read “German Kampfmesser Bayonet Bakelite Bowie”.
Page 489: US Navy Dahlgren Bowie Bayonets, #569 & #570, were omitted from Index.

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