STUART MOWBRAY  (Man at Arms Magazine, June 2007, page 48.)
The author’s natural enthusiasm shines through every page.  It is now my official “go to” book for bayonets of the world.  …Collecting Bayonets is great.  Highly recommended.

G. PRIEST (England): With the Christmas & New Year over I have had time to read Collecting Bayonets. I am most impressed and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The overall production values, pictures & layout are superb. It is like having a 'flatpack' collection in my hands. The writing style is very readable and I have read about & seen bayonets that I never knew existed. This is a landmark book for collecting, in the realms of Watts & White. Thanks very much Jim for sharing your collection with me.

C. FRISCH-JENSEN (Denmark): The books arrived safely today, and I am impressed- what a work you have done. This is a must for every bayonet collector. I think this is the best bayonet book ever made.

P. WHITE ( England ): I have been getting loads of positive feedback about this book. I think it has come as a revelation to many! I have now read the entire book and to say I am impressed is an understatement! It is THE book of the new millennium and essential reading for every new collector! Besides my dated joint pioneering effort, it is the one other book that I would choose to own, above all others. The text is extremely well written! The reader is "drawn into" the author's enthusiasm. I also like the sub notes with useful info and asides, but the whole structure of the book is masterful and well structured.

R.D.C. EVANS ( England ): I've now had the opportunity to study this book in detail. I think it's a magnificent effort which deserves to stand among the top ten bayonet books of all time. It's great to read a book written in such an excellent style of English - so many so-called authors unfortunately have a rather poor command of the language, so it's a pleasure to read such a well-written text. The photos are superb, as is the collection on which they are based. Obviously there are many rarities illustrated, some of which I've never seen during the 45 years in which I've been interested in the sub je ct. The chapters on recording, cleaning, restoration & care of items in one's collection are most expertly done, and should be required reading for any neophyte collector.

P. RENOUX ( France ): Just received today my best Christmas parcel, the new ' Jim Maddox ' book. What a job, I opened it and was stuck, difficult to stop reading. Great lot of information (even on sockets, thanks Jim) regarding the surrounding of the bayonet collection, great information on each page. And more, I've seen some bayonets I've only heard about and never seen even a black and white picture, and so many I never heard of them before! Good too to see some old friends (fellow collectors and dirty irons). Each page is a delight for the eyes, for the brain and for the heart. Definitely the best book of the year if not the century!

D. OTTOBRE (OH-USA): I personally never consider the "physical quality" of a publication as part of its true value. The only value I find in a book is the knowledge contained within…and boy does Jim's book contain some knowledge! Newer collectors will benefit far beyond their investment in this book by gaining what is in effect Jim's 40+ years of bayonet collecting experience. You experienced guys out there will see a TON of pieces that are simply not in any other reference book past or present and definitely not in anything else readily available.

C. ZIEGLER ( England ) Well I got my copy of Jim's book today and found it to be superb, Jim said he wanted to write a book on bayonet collecting and he has achieved that superbly. It manages to combine a good basis for a new collector to get a thorough grounding and understanding of the hobby/obsession/habit/way of life/necessity, whilst giving the more seasoned collector a lot of bits to drool over.

R. WILSON (NC-USA): I received the Maddox book on Friday and I believe Bryan Brown summed it up well in a BCN post with the single word "Spectacular". It is a beautiful book that is well laid out and loaded with history, collecting ideas, new information and great pictures. There is something for everyone in it from novice to expert and it belongs in every bayonet collector's library. Congratulations Jim on a job well done.

E. STANFORD (GA-USA): I had a sneak preview of Jim Maddox 's new book when it came in this week. I simply cannot describe it accurately in mere words. It is not just that there is "something" there for beginning collectors & "something" there for advanced collectors. There are MANY, MANY 'SOMETHINGS' there for both the novice & the experienced collector! The book's overall makeup exceeds the sum total of its parts! The advanced color treatment of the hundreds of photos, the extra-high quality paper used throughout, the archival type binding & the premium-grade cover..........all these things only add to the thorough & comprehensive (540 page) content! If I were to apply the old "acid test" for ranking anything: if I could only keep one bayonet related book in my library it would be "Collecting Bayonets" by J.A. Maddox. Bravo, Jim!

G. ROBINSON (GA-USA): Congratulations Jim!! Somebody finally wrote a collector reference book and got it right. Superb book and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading for many years.

J. SCHRADER (CA-USA): Regarding Jim Maddox 's new book: This has got to be the TOP Book ever written on and about bayonets! I realize this is a tall order...BUT, after 37 years of collecting I think I have on my groaning shelves, more books on bayonets than I have bayonets. I have every one of Anthony Carter's fine editions, I aided and contributed to both Jerry Janzen and Larry Johnson's with their's...I've got them from Germany, England, France, etc....BUT...I have never seen such an all-inclusive book as this book by Jim.It has everything that both a beginner and an "Old Timer" would need. It's an "All Purpose" book with detailed photos, in color, beautifully laid out.The early section on long blades is something that we've all needed for YEARS! This is an outstanding book that should be in the library of every bayonet collector. You Jim for writing this book.

T. RENTSCHLER (OH-USA): I don't know much about many things, but I know a good book when I see one. Jim Maddox ' new book, Collecting Bayonets is a good, no, great book. Attractive and sturdy cover, proper quality paper, and readable print. Filled with clear color illustrations with fine shadowing that gives each piece a three-dimensional feel. The variety of bayonets and their accessories illustrated is amazing; even those who do not specialize in bayonets will appreciate this book, and the descriptive discussions. Maddox' book contains a most comprehensive dictionary of terminology in both text and illustrations. There are many special illustrations of attachment systems, many early plug bayonets, Confederate, saber, bowie , knife, rod and many other styles. And a friendly discussion about how to get started in collecting. Each illustration is clearly described, and the book can be for casual arms collectors or serious blade and bayonet aficionados.

M. CURRAN ( Ireland ): Just to let you know that the books have arrived safely in Ireland . Must say they look fantastic! All other pro je cts for today have been put on hold.....

B. PORTER (CT-USA): I received my copy of Jim Maddox 's new book Collecting Bayonets the other day and I have to say it is one of the finest books in my library.  The book looks great before you even open it.  Hard covered with a sewn binding, outstanding cover graphics and top quality paper.  Flipping through the pages you can see that the book is filled with clear, detailed color photographs, a lot more pictures than words.  The write ups for the individual pieces are brief and filled with information on that particular item.  Jim, being the wonderful Southern gentleman that he is, graciously acknowledges the owner of each piece on the same page with the picture. Aside from the fact that there are hundreds of bayonets pictured, dozens that have never been seen in any previous publication, the book is filled with useful information for both beginners and advanced collectors.  Jim shares his years of knowledge not just about the bayonets themselves but, as the title states, how to collect bayonets.  Simple things that have never been fully covered in any other bayonet book, like how to clean, store or display your collection.  Useful tips on where to find bayonets, what to buy or not buy and advice on Internet auctions and purchasing.  The kind of information you would discuss with a buddy in the car on the way to a gun show, Jim has put out there for the entire collecting community. It would be hard to describe the book in one word, but outstanding and superb are a couple that come to mind.  Everyone with an interest in bayonets should have a copy.